Friday, April 24, 2009

Staying pure

Dear Caitlin,
i have had sex before and i asked god to forgive me but i have a new boyfriend who understands my situation and really cares about me. he says hes willing to wait with me but when we are together it is really hard to wait when were together. can you help me stay true to gad?
from, H

Dear H,
You say “it is really hard to wait when were together” which may be your clue. I guess I have to wonder what you’re doing when you’re together. I mean if you’re all by yourselves, and kissing and stuff, well, sure it’s going to be hard to wait. It’s like if you’re on a diet and you spend all your time at McDonald’s it might be hard to lose weight. If you and this guy want to continue your relationship, I suggest you do things with groups of people. Avoid those times and places that tempt you. And, of course, pray about it. Ask God to lead you.

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