Friday, April 17, 2009

Can I be a model and be a Christian?

Dear Caitlin, I'm tall (about 5'11) and sorta slim and people always tell me that I should be a model. I think it would be fun except I dont want to end up doing like nude photos and stuff becuase thats just gross. How do I start modeling and after that how do I represent Christ in the industry?
from, M

Dear M,
I really don’t know much about modeling, but I think it’d be cool to have more Christians involved in this industry, and the fashion industry too. Just because we’re Christians doesn’t mean we have to live under a rock. Listen to God and see if he’s leading you into this—I mean I wouldn’t go there otherwise. And if you feel that’s his direction, look into what’s available locally. But make sure you go with a good agency with a good reputation. And make sure you have a responsible adult (like a parent) look into this with you. There are lots of jerks out there and you don’t want to get pulled into something that will hurt you.


  1. To the person who asked this: my sister is a model in NY and she loves it. She is really strict though in what she does, and everyone knows her as the Christian one who doesn't do any.. "bad" stuff. You should look up "Models For Christ".

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  3. You should stop by It's written by a Christian ex-model. She left the industry to maintain this site, but she still has great tips - some are practical stuff like beauty tips; others are posts about friendship problems; sometimes she points out the goods and bads in Hollywood; and most of her posts are about being a daily Christian and staying inspired. I think you'll like it.

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