Friday, April 24, 2009

Staying pure

Dear Caitlin,
i have had sex before and i asked god to forgive me but i have a new boyfriend who understands my situation and really cares about me. he says hes willing to wait with me but when we are together it is really hard to wait when were together. can you help me stay true to gad?
from, H

Dear H,
You say “it is really hard to wait when were together” which may be your clue. I guess I have to wonder what you’re doing when you’re together. I mean if you’re all by yourselves, and kissing and stuff, well, sure it’s going to be hard to wait. It’s like if you’re on a diet and you spend all your time at McDonald’s it might be hard to lose weight. If you and this guy want to continue your relationship, I suggest you do things with groups of people. Avoid those times and places that tempt you. And, of course, pray about it. Ask God to lead you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Can I be a model and be a Christian?

Dear Caitlin, I'm tall (about 5'11) and sorta slim and people always tell me that I should be a model. I think it would be fun except I dont want to end up doing like nude photos and stuff becuase thats just gross. How do I start modeling and after that how do I represent Christ in the industry?
from, M

Dear M,
I really don’t know much about modeling, but I think it’d be cool to have more Christians involved in this industry, and the fashion industry too. Just because we’re Christians doesn’t mean we have to live under a rock. Listen to God and see if he’s leading you into this—I mean I wouldn’t go there otherwise. And if you feel that’s his direction, look into what’s available locally. But make sure you go with a good agency with a good reputation. And make sure you have a responsible adult (like a parent) look into this with you. There are lots of jerks out there and you don’t want to get pulled into something that will hurt you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

living like a Christian

Dear Caitlin, hi my friends aren't exactly what you call total christain like. i mean they go to church and stuff but i mean there is so much hard stuff. but see i try so hard to change it. i'm a girl though not your real girly type i'm pretty strong. see most of my friends i hang with these days are guys. i just need some help on them getting to know God more. so what should i do?
from, K.A.

Dear KA,
I think it’s cool you’re hanging with friends that aren’t “total Christian like” as long as they’re not influencing you to compromise your walk with God. And I think it’s cool you want to help them to know God more. The best way is by just being yourself, letting them see what you believe put into action. Like by loving people unconditionally, or forgiving someone who hurts you, or just being kind to someone who doesn’t deserve it, or reaching out to someone who’s life isn’t going too well. People notice stuff like that. And that old saying “actions speak louder than words” is still true. Instead of telling everyone about God, we all need to learn how to show him.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I don't know what to do

Dear Caitlin,
i am being torn from two people ilove a lot in my life . My mom wants me to live with her, and my dad wants me to stay with him. either way i lose somebody. whar should i do?
from, kjm

Dear kjm,
That is such a tough place to be. But I have a feeling that you know in your heart where you should be. If you don’t, take some quiet time to just listen to your heart and to ask God to show you. I’m sure he will. And once you know, you can tell the other parent that it’s not that you don’t love him or her, but that you need to live in the place that’s best for you right now. But let that other parent know that you plan to stay in touch and still want to spend time with him or her. And most of all, know that your parents’ split is not your fault—and that you can’t fix it. Mostly you need to take care of yourself and keep your heart tuned in to God. Hang in there!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to a new school

Dear Caitlin,
I'm going to a new school this year (I'm in 8th grade ) and I'm wondering if you have any ideas on how i can share God's love with people in an interesting or easy way, or just any way at all.
Thanx a bunch!
from, L M T.

Dear L>M>T>
That’s a great question. And I know it’s different for everyone. First I think you should make a commitment to ask God, daily, to lead you through your day and the people you come in contact with. Then ask God to just shine through you as you try to live your life for him. I’m guessing that certain people (like ones who are searching) will notice and wonder what it is that makes you stand out. Then you get to be honest and tell them. Just don’t try to tell them everything at once. And trust that it’s God who’s really at work, not you. We’re just tools in God’s hands. The important thing is being available!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Struggling with doubts

Dear Caitlin,
I am struggling with doubt in God and that affects everything else in my life to, what should I do with my doubt? By the way I love your books and I have read the whole serise at least 4 times Please write more
from, N Z

Dear N Z
I think everyone doubts sometimes. I know I do. But what I remind myself of is the way God has always been there for me in the past. I remember the times when he’s felt most real to me and ask myself what has changed? Me or God? It’s always me. God never changes. His love for you never stops. But if you turn your back or close your ears, you don’t experience it—then you begin to doubt. The problem with doubt is that once you give into it, it’s hard to get out of it. Jesus said our faith can be as small as a mustard seed, but if we trust in it, and allow it to grow, it will sustain us through everything.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've got a crush on a boy

Dear Caitlin,
i've kinda had a crush on this guy for a while. he's a really strong christian and i've known him for almost my whole life. the thing is, i know i'm too young to even conisder dating but what's a girl to do? i don't want to have a crush and life was so much easier when i didn't have a crush. what can i do to get rid of these feelings? do you have an idea?
from, T

Dear T,
I know what you mean. Like once you get a crush it seems like there’s no getting rid of it. My only suggestion is that you use this crush as a reminder to you that God wants you to love him with that kind of passion and commitment. God wants to be your main crush. He wants you to be so focused on him that you find yourself thinking about him throughout the day. As a result, your crush on this guy will become a lot more manageable. And you won’t get hurt so badly in the end. Because the sad truth is that most girls do get hurt when they get a “crush” on a guy. Their hearts usually get crunched. Guess that’s why we call it a crush.