Friday, June 5, 2009

Religion vs. Relationship with God

Dear Caitlin,
Is it more important to understand religion and follow all the rules and guidelines, or is it more important to have a strong personal relationship with god?
from, MKB

Dear MKB,
IMO it’s more important to have a strong personal relationship with God. But that doesn’t make us free from all the rules and guidelines. But when we want to love and serve God, we find out that he has his own set of rules designed uniquely for us, and that are really for our own best interest.


  1. I totally agree...

    My dad knows this guy, and he told my dad that he once promised God that he'd always go to church. But my dad said (I don't know if he said this TO the guy...he probably did LOL), that it's definitley not about weather you go to church -- it's about your realationship with God.
    And which I totally agree to...


  2. And something I just learnt, through Chloe Miller's diary, "Face the Muscic" -- that what I said earlier IS true -- Chrisitanity isn't a religion, it's a realationship. Did I understand that the right way? ...and OHH, I just realized that was what the post was a bout!

    Luv,Emii :)

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